Restore Your Smile With A Custom Dental Crown

When a tooth is cracked or chipped, or if one develops tooth decay too severe for a filling, then you may benefit from a dental crown. Our team creates custom restoration that strengthens and revitalizes your teeth. At our Paris, TX, dental office, our team is ready to improve your smile’s health and beauty with a custom crown.

When Your Smile Should Receive a Dental Restoration

A dental crown is a restoration that fits over the vulnerable portion of your tooth, all of the structure above the gum line. The restoration could be used to tackle a variety of restorative issues, and when we use lifelike materials to crease them, this also improves the aesthetics of your tooth too. Our team may prescribe one when a tooth is severely decayed or infected, or when a tooth is crooked, cracked, or chipped. Placement could correct misshapen teeth and improve overall bite balance, relieving jaw joint strain and other complications. As we will discuss further on, we can even use them to aid in tooth replacement for people with minor tooth loss!

Creating Your Custom Dental Restoration

We’re proud to offer custom crowns, and the placement process begins with our team numbing the tooth being treated and removing structure from it. We then take detailed digital, images and measurements of the tooth, which we use in a lab setting to design and fabricate the finished product. When your restoration is ready, we will check the fit and make any necessary adjustments before we attach the restoration with a powerful bonding agent. When possible, we use materials like porcelain, which can handle daily bite forces and also be shaded to match the rest of your smile seamlessly.

Dental Bridges

If you have minor tooth loss, we could use them to aid in tooth replacement. For example, our team can use one or two to secure a dental bridge in place, replacing between one and three missing teeth in a row. If you’re receiving an individual dental implant, then our team could use a crown to restore the implant and offer a durable chewing surface and a lifelike appearance. We want results that look natural and inspire confidence in your smile. We also want to make sure you have a balanced bite and can enjoy your favorite foods again without complication.

If you have any questions about how we create and place a crown to restore your smile, then contact our team today.

Talk To Your Paris, TX Dentist About Restoring Your Teeth

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