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Third Molar Extractions

Your third molars—often referred to as your “wisdom teeth”—show up later in life than the rest of your smile. By the time they begin to erupt, many people have reached their teen years or even adulthood. Unfortunately, their movement can be accompanied by discomfort as well as threats to your smile and oral health!

Our Paris, TX dental practice has experience with effective third molar extractions. In fact, Dr. Jamie Smith has more than twelve years of experience with the careful removal of these teeth. When performed effectively, extractions of wisdom teeth protect neighboring molars and prevent complications with partial or uneven eruption. Unfortunately, when they are not addressed in time, they can do harm by causing teeth to shift, damaging their neighbors, and even by becoming impacted and moving at uncomfortable angles.

The Trouble With The Arrival Of Your Third Molars

Generally speaking, our smiles go through important changes early in life, but by the time we become teenagers, all of our secondary (adult) teeth except for our third molars should be in place. When those third molars do start to arrive, they can cause issues because there is not enough space for them. They may cause crowding as they push against adjacent molars, or cause damage to enamel through the pressure they apply. Recent orthodontic improvements can be undone by this pressure, and harm to enamel can demand more involved work.

Performing A Safe Third Molar Extraction

A safe removal of the third molars will prevent potential difficulties. Because we provide careful reviews during general dental exams, we can keep patients informed about the movement of third molars and recommend an appropriate time for care. We have experience in these extractions, which can require conservative oral surgery to prevent complications and successfully reach these teeth. With our advanced imaging technology, we can help you understand what is happening with your smile and why your procedure is being recommended. After the process has finished, we can provide care and post-treatment guidance to ensure that you fully heal without issue.

Talk To Our Paris, TX Dental Office About Third Molar Extraction

The timely removal of third molars can prevent potentially serious oral health complications. We can provide important reviews to help you understand when the removal should take place and what to expect from the procedure. For more information on this service, call Paris Dental Arts in Paris, TX at 903-784-4802.