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Trying to adjust to life after significant tooth loss can prove difficult. Unfortunately, letting the problem remain untreated, or depending on a prosthetic appliance that is no longer comfortable, can lead to worsening discomfort and other complications. We have experience providing patients in need with custom-made dentures that make their smiles whole again. We can work with you to provide a prosthodontic solution that gives you back your complete smile!

Significant Tooth Loss Can Be Devastating To Your Appearance, Confidence, And Health

Different degrees of tooth loss will impact people’s lives and appearances. While just one tooth being absent can seriously interfere with the way you look, the loss of a full row of teeth can be even more impactful. Significant losses can also feel more difficult to address. Fortunately, there are effective prosthodontic solutions.

For patients who need their first denture and those who need to replace an older appliance that is no longer dependable, we work to provide a long-term solution. The restoration that you receive can be stable enough to remain secure and take the place of your upper or lower teeth. Our advanced imaging technology can create the models of your oral structures that we need to have your personal prosthetic made. When it is ready, we will make sure that fits well before providing it to you. Once your denture is in place, you can enjoy the quality of life and cosmetic improvements that come with the right prosthesis.

Your Paris, TX Dentist’s Office Can Help You Regain Your Full Smile With A Custom Denture

Dentures provide important, long-lasting value for individuals who have experienced tooth loss. To learn how we can provide an appliance and address your troubles with tooth loss, please contact Paris Dental Arts in Paris, TX at 903-784-4802.