Placing Modern Dental Fillings

When a tooth develops a cavity, or if you have one with minor damage or other cosmetic issues, then we could offer treatment using composite resin. With this durable and lifelike material, our team can offer fillings that look natural. At our Paris, TX, dental office, our team can provide natural-looking treatment with a modern dental filling!

When Teeth Need Fillings

A filling is a restoration that we can place in a single visit, and one that can bring relief for teeth with cavities. The restoration is provided when a tooth develops a cavity, at which point you could be experiencing tooth sensitivity when you eat or drink, or a toothache that doesn’t subside after a day. When you notice persistent discomfort in your tooth, please let us know right away. Remember, if you attend checkup and cleaning with us every six months, then we can diagnose cavities in the earliest stages before you experience discomfort. Treatment for a cavity is crucial because otherwise, your tooth could become infected or even lost!

The Composite Resin Benefits

Instead of metal, we use composite resin to treat your cavity. The material is flexible and strong, bonding with your teeth and lasting for years, but easily removed and replaced if needed. The material can be shaded to blend with the rest of your tooth, and applied in layers to help prevent tooth sensitivity following treatment. The non-metal nature means this is safe for people of all ages, from kids to adults. Our team can also use the same material in a dental bonding procedure, repairing cracked or chipped teeth, reshaping malformed teeth, closing gaps between teeth, and even masking permanent discoloration.

Placing a Dental Filling

The placement process is simple. When you arrive, we will numb the tooth so you’re comfortable as we remove decay and then clean the tooth thoroughly. We may also etch the surfaces. We then apply the material and harden it with a light, one layer at a time. Finally, we polish the tooth for a brighter appearance and to make it more difficult for plaque and tartar to adhere to the tooth. In a single visit we treat your cavity or protect your smile from infections and poor esthetics.

If you have any questions about our modern dental restorations, or if you have pain in a tooth that needs attention, then please reach out to our team today to start your treatment!

Speak With Your Paris, TX, Dentist About Modern Dentistry

Our team can offer treatment for a decayed tooth in only one sitting. If you would like to learn more about our modern dental treatments, please contact Paris Dental Arts in Paris, TX at (903) 784-4802.