The Right Denture Can Restore Your Full Smile

smiling senior with grandchild denture concept

It can be hard to accept tooth loss in your life, but for many, it can also be hard to talk about the problem, even to a dental professional. Discomfort around this condition can deepen when more teeth are missing. At our Paris, TX dental office, we make it easier for patients to discuss this matter, and we also make sure they have access to lasting solutions. For someone who needs to replace all of their upper or lower teeth, we can provide a full denture that is customized to feel comfortable and resemble your natural, healthy smile! Once your restoration is in place, you can feel a welcome boost of confidence and look forward to showing off your smile to the world again!

Taking The First Step Toward Restoring Your Full Smile

The first step in treating tooth loss is reaching out and making an appointment with your dentist. We make it easier to do this by making our office a place where patients know they can trust in our team and our care. Beyond making you feel comfortable with your decision to treat tooth loss, we see to it that you have the support you need from a restoration made specifically for you!

We Use Advanced Imaging Technology To Craft Custom Dentures

The right measurements are key when it comes to providing a secure, comfortable denture. In order to give you the restoration you need, we use our advanced imaging technology to capture sophisticated models of your oral structures. From the measurements this provides, we can have a permanent denture made that sits comfortably against your upper or lower jaw throughout the day. In addition to addressing stability concerns, careful advance planning can result in a denture that gives you a smile that you are more excited to show off!

Life After Your Full Smile Is Restored

Once you regain your full smile thanks to your denture, you can find that biting, chewing, speaking, laughing, and other activities you once took for granted feel natural again. Enjoy more comfort in social situations, a broader diet range, and the reassurance that comes with regaining confidence in your smile after treatment. To make sure you continue to enjoy your results, keep up with your general dental visits. At these appointments, we can check on the condition of your prosthesis and make sure you are free from any new oral health issues.

Talk To Your Paris, TX Dentist About Receiving Your Denture

By receiving your custom denture, you can start to smile, speak, and eat with confidence again! We are ready to help patients this and other problems fully restore their oral health. To find out how we can support you, please contact Paris Dental Arts in Paris, TX at (903) 784-4802.