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Crowns And Bridges

Restorative services take on issues with teeth that are in poor condition due to decay, natural wear, or injuries. Our practice can take care to supply custom restorations that offer long-term protection as well as support for your bite function. Dental crowns provide protection by surrounding your remaining tooth structure above the gumline. For patients who need replacements to address smile gaps, we can also provide personalized dental bridges.

Restorative Services Can Help You Regain Confidence In Your Bite And Smile

It is important to take problems with your oral health seriously. If you let issues remain untreated, new complications can arise that affect your life. For example, you may need to do something about the onset of chronic pain in your face and jaw when you try to adapt your bite to avoid putting pressure on an impaired or absent tooth. We will plan your care after performing a thorough evaluation to find the right solution for your troubles.

Protecting Your Vulnerable Tooth With A Crown

Dental crowns are carefully constructed to provide long-term bite support and stable coverage for teeth in poor health. They are used when more advanced cavities form. They can also prove effective at protecting teeth that are injured or naturally too small to contribute properly to your bite. Because they are meant to offer long-term support, we take care to make sure the ones we provide our patients are personalized to fit comfortably and strong enough to withstand years of bite pressures.

How Dental Bridges Restore Incomplete Smiles

Dental bridges are prosthetic appliances we can permanently place without the need for oral surgery. At least one pontic—replacement tooth—will be included in the restoration along with a pair of crowns that cap the teeth that surround your gap. To make sure your bridge fits well and has a natural look, we will carefully measure the empty space and your surrounding teeth. With the measurements that we capture, we can ensure that you have a comfortable bridge that blends in with your smile, as well as one that stays secure even as you rely on it to bite and chew.

Talk To Our Paris, TX Dental Office About Restorative Work With Bridges And Crowns

Dental crowns and dental bridges make it possible for us to restore or replace teeth when needed. Through these services, we help patients regain their former confidence in their bite health and appearance. For more information, reach out to our Paris, TX dental practice at 903-784-4802.