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Modern Digital Dentistry

A close visual inspection by your dentist can reveal important details about your oral health. With that said, there are limits to what the human eye can spot on its own. Modern digital dentistry yields remarkable details about the state of a patient’s teeth, gums, and oral structures. For both the planning of specific treatments and general reviews, the right technology has significant value in providing personalized dental services.

We Use Advanced Imaging Technology To Evaluate Patients

Our practice uses different tools to perform important reviews for patients. In some cases, what we use provides close inspections of areas that are difficult to view without assistance. In other cases, digital x-rays produce important images while emitting significantly less radiation than conventional x-ray imaging devices. Whether you need to have something diagnosed or we need to precisely measure teeth and oral structures to craft custom restorations, we rely on digital dentistry to capture what we need!

Our current digital imaging technology includes:

  • Intraoral cameras, which let us thoroughly inspect areas of the mouth that are hard to view
  • Digital x-ray technology to produce x-ray images of the tooth structure and jawbone while emitting significantly less radiation
  • An iTero scanner that produces advanced 3D images that we use for measurements and treatment planning

Our Paris, TX Dental Practice Uses Advanced Imaging Technology To Treat Patients

With the right imaging technology, we can perform valuable evaluations and make treatment planning more comfortable. If you would like to learn more, or if you need to book an appointment, call our Paris, TX dental practice today at 903-784-4802.