Sedation Dentistry And Your Comfort

happy woman at dentist's office patient comfort

There are different issues that stand between some patients and their best smile health. One issue is dental anxiety, a feeling unease about oral health care that can even make routine appointments difficult. Whether you feel this discomfort around all visits or need help relaxing for more involved dental work, our Paris, TX dental practice has a smart solution. We provide different forms of dental sedation that help you remain comfortable and calm throughout your appointment. We can recommend a specific approach to sedation based on your needs.

Does Anxiety Stand Between You And Dental Care?

Your oral health is affected by your diet choices, oral hygiene, the natural strength of your teeth, and more. Of course, one big factor when it comes to your smile’s well-being is how consistent you are with dental visits. Regular dental appointments lead to early diagnoses and interventions when there are problems with your teeth and gums. They also protect you so that you are less likely to develop new issues. If anxiety is making it harder for you to book these visits, or if you feel uneasy about a certain treatment that you know you need, be aware that putting off care can lead to complications. We can talk to you about your options for sedation during your appointment, which can make your time in the dentist’s chair easy and lead to positive outcomes with care!

Reviewing Your Options For Dental Sedation

We provide different forms of dental sedation for our patients, which helps us do more to take on this difficult feelings of anxiety around treatment. Nitrous oxide is a gas that we provide throughout your time in the dentist’s chair. As you breathe it in, it keeps you conscious but in a relaxed state, so your negative feelings do not complicate your visit. The gas wears off quickly, which makes returning to your daily routine easier. We can also provide an oral sedative that you take before your appointment. It offers a stronger sense of relaxation, but its effects last longer, which makes it necessary to arrange a ride to and from your appointment.

IV sedation is the most potent form that we offer, which can help those with severe anxiety and those who need to stay in the dentist’s chair for a longer and more involved treatment. You will have a professional on-site to monitor you while you receive this sedation, which helps control the effect and give you the appropriate level of comfort.

Our Paris, TX Dental Office Provides Sedation Options For Our Patients!

Whether you frequently struggle with dental anxiety or feel uneasy about a specific procedure, dental sedation is available to help you. Our practice can actually provide a range of options to help put you at ease during your appointment. To find out more about the support we offer, call our Paris, TX dental office at (903) 784-4802.