When Your Wisdom Teeth Need To Go

There are certain points in growing up that are pivotal to developing a healthy adult smile. One of these is when your last set of teeth start to grow in. These are commonly called your wisdom teeth, and they can become a huge problem for your smile if you do not keep an eye on them. For many people, their jaws are just too small to fit this last set of molars, so they can start to shift and damage your existing teeth.

At Paris Dental Arts in Paris, TX, you have a dedicated guide through the process of removing your wisdom teeth. These evolutionary holdovers can pose a significant problem for your smile, so it is vital that you stick to your schedule of examinations during your later teen years and into your early twenties. With advanced digital imagery, we can be by your side through each step of the way. Give us a call today to learn more and schedule your next appointment!

Your Third Molars Can Become A Risk To Your Oral Health

The most common question dentists receive about the third and final set of molars is, “Why exactly do we have them if we do not need them?”

The answer to this is that our mouths have changed over the years. Long ago, we needed more jaw power in order to chew raw meat. but since we started cooking our meals, this need started to shrink. And so did our jaws!

These days, we have a slimmer face, and there often simply is just not enough room in the back of the mouth for an additional set of molars. This means that when your wisdom teeth come in, they can push your existing teeth forward, causing issues with your alignment.

When Wisdom Teeth Extraction Is Your Next Step

For many teens, their third set of molars starts to develop right when they are just finishing up with their orthodontic treatment. Don’t let your wisdom teeth undo all of the hard work that you have put into your alignment, and instead, be sure to stick to your schedule of imagery and examinations.

Your last set of teeth can be so forceful when they grow in that they can even crack your existing teeth, so this is nothing to play around with. Our team is here for you at every step in the process of extracting your wisdom teeth.

Learn More About Your Wisdom Teeth With Paris Dental Arts!

Your third molars can become a real problem for your smile if you ignore them. To find out more about wisdom teeth extraction, give us a call at Paris Dental Arts in Paris, TX at (903) 784-4802 and schedule your next appointment!